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Black and Blue Flake Papa Penny Craw Soft Plastic
Green Pumpkin Papa Penny Craw Soft Plastic
Green Pumpkin Red with Red Flake Papa Penny Craw Soft Plastic
Potomac Papa Penny Craw Soft Plastic

Papa Penny Craw

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The big brother to our Penny Craw is now available in an upsized, bulkier 4.5" offering. Extensive testing has proven that the Papa Penny relocates high volumes of water while targeting kicker bass in all levels of the water column. Its streamlined segmented body pushes water toward Motions' uniquely shaped penny claw and raised bulbous pincher for maximum displacement of water while being retrieved. Finished with a flat back the Papa penny excels at skipping while maintaining lifelike movement around cover/structure. Work it fast and it will thump erratically. Slow it down or stop it and the pinchers rise in a defensive position to entice bites with added realism. The Papa Penny excels when on a Texas Rig, Swing head, Shaky head, or as an oversized jig trailer. Engineered to catch all species of bass. 

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"Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-"