Fishing in a pressured system, with many boats and anglers around, can be a challenge. But with the right approach, you can still catch plenty of fish. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

  1. Embrace the challenge: Experiment with different lure selections and try to find a new winning formula. Remember what worked in the past and make minor adjustments to your presentation.

  2. Persistence is key: Bass are still likely to be in the same spot where you caught them before, so adjust your lure and remain patient.

  3. Stealth is important: Pressured bass are often spooky, so keep your distance from cover and make longer casts.

  4. Keep an open mind: Be creative and think about the structure, what the bass are eating, and the operation of your lures. You might discover a new pattern that works well.

  5. Downsize your lure: Pressured bass often prefer smaller profiles, so try downsizing your baits, whether you’re using a frog or a Senko.

  6. Use wind to your advantage: Wind helps hide the imperfections of your lure and can also help nullify any noise you may be making while fishing.

  7. Natural colors are best: Imitate the food in the lake or river as closely as possible with your color selection. Shock colors may not be as effective with educated bass.

  8. Vary your retrieve: Stay away from the recommended method of retrieval and try slowing down or speeding up your retrieve to see what works best.

  9. Pay attention to bite locations: Take note of where you’re getting bites or the type of structure you’re fishing. These areas may be your best bet throughout the day.

  10. Target dense cover: Bass may hug heavy cover when pressured, so have a heavy flipping setup to access these areas.

  11. Focus on casting accuracy: Be precise in your casts and hit your favored spots as best as possible.

  12. Finesse fishing works: Although it may not be the most exciting method, finesse techniques can give a more natural, lifelike action. Try a light braid with a fluorocarbon leader or the wacky rig for your finesse presentations.

Bobby Roberts
Tagged: Finesse Fishing